Best Self Atlanta “Shakes Off” the Stress at Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta

By Sherri Adair, Publisher

Every month, we fill the pages of Best Self Atlanta with great stories about health, beauty and giving back. But there are times when we’re so busy filling those pages that we don’t get to practice what we preach. So we decided to incorporate a Team Activity Day (TAD) each month for all of us here at the magazine to enjoy, learn, laugh, exercise and have some good old-fashioned fun!

We kicked off our first TAD at Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta. The studio manager Mat Krozen, along with instructors Lauren and Austin cranked up the music and taught us some old-style and new moves to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” For two hours we danced, laughed and really did “shake it off.” We shook off the stresses of deadlines and city life and allowed ourselves to truly take a break. The great thing about dancing is that when you are focused on the choreography and enjoying the music, you really don’t think about anything else. So we unplugged from our computers and cell phones and just took it all in. The result? “I left feeling happy. I learned that even a two-hour break can make a huge difference in how I feel and act.” So…when you are feeling like you can’t take it anymore…kick off your shoes and dance. I promise,  you will feel better.

Thank you to Kristine Knipp and the entire team at Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta for this gift of dance.

Details:, (404) 897-5556

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