Beating the Heat at the Peachtree Road Race

By Addie Balenger

beating the heat at the peachtree road raceProperly preparing for the heat and humidity is a must if you want to successfully finish and enjoy the Peachtree Road Race.

What to Wear

  • The Atlanta Track Club recommends that you dress in lightly colored, loose-fitting running clothes.
  • Costumes, headgear or any other clothing that restricts sweating is strongly discouraged.
  • Be sure to wear shoes that fit properly.
  • Try out your running outfit before race day to make sure nothing causes chafing.

Stay Hydrated

  • During the Peachtree Road Race, drink lots of water.
  • Water stations will be located at every mile on the 6.2 mile course on both sides of the road, with clear signs that you cannot miss.
  • When you pass by the water stations, pick up two cups, one to drink and one to dump over your head to help you stay cool.
  • There will also be water sprays for you to run under throughout the course.

If you feel that you need water with you the entire race, check out:

  • Lululemon’s Amphipod Hydration Belt
  • REI also carries CamelBak waterbottle belts, another great option. Test any running belt before race day to make sure you’re comfortable wearing it while running.

Watch out for warning signs for heat exhaustion
Signs include dizziness, light-headedness, unsteadiness, headache, nausea, chills and goosebumps. If you have any of these symptoms, immediately alert one of the hundreds of volunteers or police officers located along the entire course. Ambulances will be located along the course and ready to go wherever needed.

Be sure to fill out your name and emergency contact information on the reverse side of your race number.  Add any relevant medical information if needed. If you feel that you need your ID, store it in the zippered pocket on your running shorts or in a small waist pack.

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