Beauty Tips from Jessica Kisielewksi with Institut DERMed Spa

What is the most common beauty mistake you see women make? What do you recommend instead?
Not matching their foundation color properly. Having a professional color match would be best, but if that is not possible, here are some tips for natural looking color:
(1) Choose three to four colors of foundation that are the closest to your skin’s natural undertone. (2) Swipe the colors on your jaw line. You want to make sure that the color you choose blends seamlessly with your skin color. (3) Daylight is the best light to be in when choosing a foundation color. (4) Try using a mineral powder foundation. It’s easier to match your color and less messy.

Favorite drug store beauty product
Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto liquid eyeliner in black. It’s so easy to put on and it lasts all night.

What would someone be surprised to see in your makeup bag?
I have about seven different shades of red lipstick. It’s my signature look and a girl’s gotta have options, you know?

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