Best Bulletin: December

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GMO OMG ArtworkYou’ve likely heard buzz about genetically modified foods, whether from a news segment discussing GMO labeling laws, from a health-conscious friend or during your own research about healthy eating. But amid all the hype, you may have missed GMO 101. What are GMO plants and foods, really? How do they affect the environment and our health? Why are companies genetically modifying plants in the first place? These questions and more are answered in the documentary GMO OMG, which recently became available in Target locations across the country. Coming from director Jeremy Seifert, who simply wanted to know what he was feeding his young children, this documentary will get you up to speed and make you an informed consumer on the topic of GMO ingredients in food.

Details: Target stores nationwide,

No Bartender Required

Bottle +Cocktail Pine Jal

For this year’s holiday parties, enjoy a cocktail without spending time mixing ingredients. Native Atlantan Elizabeth Wiltgen has launched Jane St Vodka Soda, a carbonated mixed drink that combines vodka with fruit juice and agave nectar. Right now, the brand offers four delicious flavors: original with lime, Grapefruit Meyer Lemon, Pineapple Jalapeno and Peach Peppercorn, which are available throughout Atlanta. Starts at $15.99.

Details: Available throughout Atlanta liquor stores,

Drink Up 

All MilksA new line of organic cold-pressed juices has hit the Atlanta scene. Bamboo Juices, led by CEO Kelley Sibley in collaboration with the chefs at local Serenbe Farms, offers unique juice mixes such as Cinnamon Yam, Red Pepper Melon, Sweet Fennel and more. But if a veggie juice isn’t your thing, Bamboo Juices also offers organic almond milk mixes. The almond milks have indulgent flavors such as Vanilla Mint, Honey Turmeric and Deep Chocolate, and each one is packed with protein. Try Bamboo’s juices or milks by the bottle or as part of a cleanse to reset after the holidays. Starts at $8 per bottle.

Details: Available at Serenbe or through free home delivery,

Track It

WeGo_Hybrid_Product ShotWhen a fitness tracker offers more features than usual, you might expect it to go up in price. That’s not the case with the new WeGo fitness tracker from EB Sport Group. Like other leading brands, this fitness bracelet connects to your smart phone and tracks sleep, calories burned and motion throughout the day, and even doubles as a watch. The difference? This brand’s trackers start at just $30. WeGo also offers a clip-on tracker alternative to the bracelet that can be worn on your waistband or pocket. Check out your options at Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods locations.


Healthy at Home 

child_with_thermometerKids usually don’t consult the clock before getting sick, but thanks to MedZed, they can receive medical attention even when the pediatrician’s office is closed. This new at-home pediatric care service addresses flu, allergies, fever and more for kids ages 2 to 17. The process includes a phone consultation with a MedZed pediatric nurse or pediatrician and a house call to examine and diagnose your child. The practitioner will call in any necessary prescriptions, give you a follow-up phone call and keep your regular pediatrician in the loop. The service costs a flat fee of $150.


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