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Fitness Fashion 

View More: boutique Fab’rik recently launched a new line of athletic wear. They now carry a variety of workout pants, sports bras and tops for between $20 and $48 so you can sweat it out in style. Shopping at the Emory Point location also gives you easy access to nearby Pink Barre and Orangetheory Fitness to put your new workout clothes to the test.

Details: 855 Emory Point Drive, Suite C-150, Atlanta GA,

Dusty Gilbreth, Core Physique

Dusty Gilbreth, Core Physique

Q: As a woman, I’m concerned that if I lift heavy weights, I will become big and bulky. Is that true? 

A: This is a common concern among women when they first begin lifting weights. However, weight training performed properly and with the appropriate amount of repetitions, rest periods and variations will tone your entire body evenly and not create a manly or bulky physique. It takes men, who generally have more testosterone and consume more calories than women, years in the gym to increase size. A customized workout plan with a disciplined approach will help you achieve the toned and feminine physique most women desire.

Q: Can you give us some tips for using resistance bands? 

A: Working out with resistance bands is an easy, affordable and effective total body workout. Plus, they are incredibly portable for vacations or business trips! When using resistance bands, remember to move slowly and purposefully through each movement. Focus on the muscle group you are working, and control each movement. Aim for three sets of 12 to 16 repetitions of each exercise.




Path of Most Resistance 

Check out Kristin Corbin’s favorite brands of resistance bands, all of which have exercises and demonstrations available for free online:





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