Best Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day,we asked readers to share heartfelt thoughts about magnificent and marvelous Mom. Here are a few of those sentiments. Moms, you are the BEST!

Shelby Guntenberger - BSA 0516Johnetta Kearns

“My mom is the ultimate, very best mom (and grandmother ‘JaJa’ to my two boys) because she is selfless, kind, tons of fun, an amazing cook and has such a giving soul. Her love for her family and others is something I treasure and I want to do my best to model her as a person and as a mom.” —Shelby Gutenberger








Lindsey Roberts and Lisa Roberts - BSA 0516Lisa Roberts

“My mom is my best friend! I am getting married next month and our printer couldn’t print our invitation envelopes last minute. I was panicking. So my mom stayed up for TWO nights straight and hand-calligraphed every single envelope. She is the most loving, selfless person!”— Lindsey Roberts 







Laura Schilling - BSA  0516Laura K. Schilling

“My mommy is so nice and is the best mommy in the entire world. She will do anything that she can to help us with homework and if we are sick she will do whatever she can think of to help us get better. My mommy takes us to very cool places and makes sure we have different experiences, like racing with dolphins, petting sharks and visiting a disappearing island in the ocean. We love our mommy so much when she wakes us up in the morning she sings a different theme song to each of us so that we wake up with her singing happy words. She is awesome! She loves to travel and so do we. We are so lucky!” —Eli (7) and Adi (3) 



Inez Adamson - Sylvia Small - BSA 0516Inez Adamson

“My 94-year-old mother is one of the most giving people I know. She quit school early to help support her family. When her mother needed a home, she brought her into our family. When my dad had a stroke, she took care of him for 10 years. I respect her tremendously!”—Sylvia Small

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