Best Rx: The Anderson Hair Sciences Center

Dr. Ken Anderson from The Anderson Hair Sciences Center answers a reader’s question about natural-looking hair restoration.

Dr. Ken Anderson from The Anderson Hair Sciences CenterQ: I’m balding and I want my hair back. Is a natural look possible? What are my options?

A: The only way to permanently restore lost hair is through a surgical procedure called hair transplantation. The procedure is done in the office and involves minimal discomfort and downtime. Hair transplantation is a single-follicle-at-a-time procedure, and a new method called Follicular Unit Extraction now makes it possible to transplant the hair without using scalpels, stitches, or leaving a linear scar. Today, it is possible to restore hair in a completely natural manner, such that the hair appears as if it has always been there and not like a surgeon has replaced it surgically.

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