Bobby Deen Comes to Atlanta Feb.19

Grab your recipe books and head over to the Atlanta History Center on Feb. 19 to join Bobby Deen at a discussion and book signing for his new cookbook, “From Mama’s Table to Mine.” He took some time out to speak with Best Self about the new book and his favorite recipe.

Why did you decide to remake your mother’s recipes into healthier foods?
I like to live a healthy lifestyle. I love to run, lift, and be really active.  Lightening up these recipes was a natural thing for me to do, because I can still enjoy all the southern food I love, but I’m staying healthy.

What is the most challenging aspect about hosting your own cooking show? The most fun? It’s not challenging! I’m fortunate enough to be doing what I love doing.  If I had to pick a challenge I would say I’m naturally a little bit shy.  The most fun? All of it. I love everyone I work with. The show is unscripted, and we just stand around and laugh all day.  I’m really lucky. 

What is your favorite dish to cook for friends and family?
Low-Country Boil.  I love it because it’s communal.  Everyone gathers around the table and eats together.  Visually, it’s a beautiful dish too.  And fresh seafood is available in Savannah all year around which helps. And it’s so simple to cook!

What is the best piece of advice that you received about cooking and who was it from?
When my mom was teaching me how to cook, she told me that the first time I make something, go with exactly what the recipe says.  After that, change it up! There are no rules when it comes to cooking.

About the event:
On Feb. 19 at 7p.m., Bobby will take part in a discussion moderated by food stylist and photographer Angie Mosier, with a book signing to follow. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by going to the Atlanta History Center website, 



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