A New Kind of Networking with Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing in Atlanta Makes For Memorable Networking Events!

Bad Axe Throwing in Atlanta creates memorable experiences for all occasions!

An out-of-the-box option for networking events or date night, Bad Axe Throwing boasts a memorable experience that easily chops down typical outing ideas. Reserve your spot ahead of time and upon arrival, your party will be greeted with a dedicated coach and throwing lane. After each member is taught how to safely wield a variety of hatchets, your group can launch into free throwing to see who scores the most point on the dart-like setup or play a variety of games to challenge your new lumberjack and lumberjane skills. A major plus? Each lane has its own minifridge so you and your gang can bring drinks and a smorgasbord of bites to feast on while you play.

Details: 1356 English St. NW., Ste. C, Atlanta; BadAxeThrowing.com

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