Calling all Prissy Tomboys to Adventure Challenge Camp Day!

Give your daughter the gift of “girl power” at Prissy Tomboy Athletics’ Adventure Challenge Camp Day. On October 25, girly-girls and tomboys ages 12 to 15 will get the chance to have an exciting adventure, while building confidence and friendships. The camp day was created in an effort to empower teen girls through physical fitness and knowledge. prissy tomboy
The camp day will start off with a challenge course that is designed to help girls improve their team-building skills and sportsmanship. The participating girls will get the opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically, while at the same time have a ton of fun.
From there, the girls will be separated into specifically targeted junior and senior panel sessions, 12 to 14 year olds in the junior session and 15 to 17 year olds in the senior session. These panel sessions will cover topics like nutrition, exercise, college recruitment tips and maintaining a healthy outlet and will be led by professional female leaders with diverse backgrounds.
The day will also include a calming yoga session led by Roswell Yoga Life and a Prissy pamper session that will include a one-on-one beauty session with makeup artists from Soda Salon.
This Adventure Challenge Camp Day is the first of its kind in Atlanta, but Prissy Tomboy Athletics has plans to host several more over the coming year.

Early bird tickets are one sale now through October 11 and can be purchased here.

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