Choosing a Personal Trainer

Contributed by Dina Blair 

Working with a personal trainer not only improves appearance, self-confidence and energy, but it also fosters health benefits that include everything from stress reduction to lower blood pressure. Having a trainer can also keep you more accountable. The key to experiencing these benefits of working with a personal trainer is choosing the right one. When determining if a personal trainer is right for you, ask these questions. 

Personal Trainer

Does the personal trainer offer an initial appointment that include baseline measures and a conversation about your goals? 

What qualifications and experience does he or she have dealing with injuries, health concerns like high blood pressure, or your particular goals? 

Does the personal trainer’s availability work with your schedule? 

How long has the personal trainer been training, and can he or she proved client testimonials? 

Do you feel like there is a good personality match? Can you ask questions without feeling intimidated? 

Choosing to work with a personal trainer is a very important lifestyle change. Be sure to choose someone you look forward to seeing a few times a week and one who can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 


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