Connecting the Generations through Ageless interAction

Friendship. Conversation. Human connection. We all want these in our lives, so what makes us think that adults ages 65 and older don’t as well? They do, yet older adults are often shunted to the side of our society’s awareness, resulting in loneliness and limited interaction.

Meagan Jain recognized the need to combat America’s age segregation, so she founded the nonprofit Ageless interAction. Interspersing monthly activities with regular visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Ageless interAction brings older adults into social situations with young adults and establishes meaningful relationships based on common interest, not on age.

These intergenerational connections combat stereotypes of aging, showing that older adults are not “boring and mean” as some Coan Middle School 7th graders thought. In fact, everyone enjoyed the girls’ visits so much that they extended their visits for several weeks after the program was officially over. Relationships like these demonstrate the change that Ageless interAction hopes to inspire, resulting in social inclusion for everyone and proving that age is, in fact, just a number.



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