Creativity For The Big Kids

20140408_MODA-Banner-hires-5811Who says only kids get to play with the latest technology? Not Museum of Design Atlanta, that’s for sure. MODA welcomes “students” of every age to join in their new workshops and test their hands at animation, 3D design, LEGO robotics and more.

Whether it’s printing real-life versions of Minecraft ice palaces or LEGO electronic circuits, kids ages 8 to 15 can create those and more at current MODA workshops. For $40 on the afternoon of March 21, adults can join in the fun with their children to design and print their own Mockingjay pins from “The Hunger Games” franchise. You’ll learn the basics of 3D design software, how to manipulate basic shapes and symbols, the materials and processes used in 3D printing, and the pins will be printed right from the museum’s own 3D printer.

Even if you don’t have a kid in tow, you can explore the intrigue of 3D printing and design with a group of friends or co-workers. Sign up for ongoing adult workshops teaching you how to create spaceship models, snowflakes and even bracelets with this 3D technology, or reserve a private class for yourself and your friends. It’s never too late to learn something new, and MODA classes like these are the perfect place to do it.

Details: 1315 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA, (404) 979-6455,

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