Day 1 of Fitness – Indoor Cycling at Flywheel

Day 1 of Fitness – Indoor Cycling at Flywheel

by Best Self staffer: Flannery

Lindsey Cloninger, Sherri Fregia, employees at Flywheel

Lindsey Cloninger and Sherri Fregia, employees at Flywheel

To kick off the new year, we started our 30 Days of Fitness at Flywheel in Buckhead. I went to the 7:30 a.m. class on New Year’s Day, taught by Jeremy Levison (who was voted Best Indoor Cycling Instructor in our Best of 2013 contest!). I don’t normally work out early in the morning–I’m an after-work kind of girl–but his class promised to be worth it. I arrived at the studio on West Paces Ferry, where there was plenty of accessible parking. Lindsey greeted me and gave me a pair of cycling shoes that clip into the bike’s pedals. This was unexpected! I’ve only ever worn my tennis shoes to cycle, so I was excited to wear a true cycling shoe. I put my regular shoes and my bag in the convenient lockers they provided. Another Flywheel staffer helped me set my bike to the right height, and then the ride began.

The cycling studio was set up almost like a theater–each row of bikes had its own level, higher than the first, so we all had a clear view of the instructor’s bike right in the center. The room was dark, as with most cycling classes, and the music was at a comfortable volume and was a good mix of current Top 40 and classics like Journey. Jeremy’s instruction was enthusiastic and detailed. He regularly let the riders know what resistance and speed we should aim for to get the best workout, and in between direction, he would sometimes sing along to the music. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole class, and the workout was challenging. It ended with light weight training, doing a few easy movements using a small weighted bar while still spinning and cooling down.

Melissa Jacoby, a class participant, and Jeremy Levison, instructor at Flywheel

Melissa Jacoby, a class participant, and Jeremy Levison, instructor at Flywheel

One of the neatest parts of cycling at Flywheel, I thought, was the performance tracking that the instructor will occasionally show on screens in the cycling room. The screens show real-time information about which bikes are performing the highest, which provides a little extra motivation for you to pedal faster and add more resistance. If you cycle there regularly, you could easily keep track of your own performance and set goals for yourself by using that tool.

At the end of the 45-minute ride, I felt pretty worn out–cycling is tough. But regardless of your fitness level, YOU are in charge of the speed you pedal and the amount of resistance you put on your bike. So if you’re thinking about trying cycling, don’t shy away because you think it’s too hard. You can make your ride as manageable as you need, and as your legs and heart get stronger, you can gradually increase the difficulty until you’re conquering a tough ride with your classmates. Visit Flywheel’s website and sign up for your first class for free!

Flywheel AtlantaDetails: 102 West Paces Ferry Road NW, Suite A, Atlanta, GA, (678) 702-5684, [email protected],


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