Day 10 of Fitness – Midtown Athletic Club 

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Dan Duran and Aubrey Campbell

Dan Duran and Aubrey Campbell

Personal trainers serve as the perfect guiding hand at any given moment in your workout regimen. Not only do they provide sound fitness advice in an intimate setting, but they truly want to see you accomplish your fitness goals as well.

For Day 10 of Fitness, I took a one-hour personal training session with Dan Duran, Fitness Director of Midtown Athletic Club. Prior to my session, I had an initial meeting to discuss my fitness goals and what I truly wanted to achieve from this workout. I believe this was perfect simply because Dan and I both had the opportunity to decide on which exercise routines would be best for me.

While I’ve taken many other personal training classes before, my personal training session with Dan has been the best thus far! This is because he expressed care to see me obtain my goals throughout the workout routine. I was truly impressed with his customer service and glad to know that Midtown Athletic Club has recently implemented the PTA Global accreditation program in order to better serve their clients. Through their questionnaire, or PDQ (Program Design Questionnaire), I received the best workout for myself. I am used to more traditional routines, but through my PDQ, Dan found that I could still implement traditional moves with a more progressive workout.

Prior to my session, Dan reminded me to eat something before I came in.  He reminded me that in order to get the most out of my training session, it was important to fuel my body. He also suggested that I drink plenty of water. During, I found my workout to be fun because I never knew what we would be doing next! But the most enjoyable part was the partner workouts Dan incorporated into my session. For instance, we did a workout where Dan held a weighted bar and I had to push back on the bar to try to push him over.  He jokingly called this workout “wrastling.” Not only was I working my abs and core, but also a great way to get out any built-up stress! The hardest part of my workout was an exercise we did with the training rope. While Dan stood at one end of the rope, I had to use my upper body to pull the rope in while he added resistance to the other end. I used my legs, core and abs to pull in the rest of the rope.

Overall, Dan and Midtown Athletic Club are extremely thorough at keeping the client first, which I found to be great. Through their effective PDQ, they identify behavioral and neurosciences. The gym is extremely clean and they have ALL types of equipment—both old and new—to give their members a variety.

Details: 135 Interstate N. Parkway NW, Atlanta, GA, (770) 953- 1100,

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