Day 11 of Fitness – OPT Wellness 808 Conditioning

Day 11 of Fitness – OPT Wellness 

Best Self staffer: Chela Counts 

OPT Wellness Fitness Facility

OPT Wellness Fitness Facility

Most recently, I’ve found that one of the best methods to help me achieve any of my goals is through inviting friends and family to hold me accountable. These accountability partners remind me that consistency truly is key—especially true for health and wellness.

For Day 11 of Fitness, I enrolled in the OPT Wellness one-hour 808 conditioning class led by celebrity trainer Derek Taylor. This particular total body conditioning class involves more than 800 reps of Olympic lifts with light weights for cardio conditioning, resulting in more than 1,000 calories burned within the hour!

Prior to this session, I was quite intimidated by the number of reps I would have to complete, but once the workout began, Derek assured me that I could and would be able to  complete his class! From there, I was placed in one of four groups of three, where the day’s main fitness goal revolved around the body’s hamstrings. This 30-minute rotation of dead lifts, squats and weights was only the precursor to our next set of workout routines that then focused primarily on the body’s glutes, abdomen, legs, and still our hamstrings. Just as quick as I felt the class had begun, it was then soon over. I burned more than 1,000 calories within an hour!

Derek Taylor, Chela Counts

Derek Taylor, Chela Counts

As a previous track and field athlete, I felt great knowing that my body has the potential to recondition itself back to its toned and fit state. And although the hardest part of Derek’s workout was the correct execution of leg curls, the most enjoyable part was knowing that even as first timer, I was enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged to return. I found that my accountability partners expand further than within my home but also within the community. Derek’s expertise also expands farther than fitness but also to nutrition. Once the workout was complete, he advised me on the correct foods to eat in order to stay lean—such as oatmeal, a protein shake or fruit. OPT Wellness is by far one of the best facilities in Atlanta.

Details: OPT Wellness, 2997 Cumberland Blvd SE Atlanta, GA, (770) 333. 7991,

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