Day 11 of Fitness – The Bar Method

Day 11 of Fitness – The Bar Method

Best Self account executive: Sandy

Jen and Carson from The Bar Method

Jen and Carson, who welcomed me to The Bar Method

For Day 11 of our 30 Days of Fitness, I went to The Bar Method. The workout is a full hour composed of eight to nine strengthening exercises. It’s not Pilates or yoga, but instead combines isometrics, interval training, dance conditioning and sports rehabilitation which can quickly and safely (emphasis on safe) burn fat and carve muscle using your own body weight to sculpt each muscle group. It’s high intensity but no-impact that works you to total exhaustion, followed by stretching. The combination of all of this is meant to create a long, lean, firm, sculpted body. After taking the class, I can totally see how this could change my body!

First timers just need to bring or wear socks along with your usual fitness wear. Your workout bottoms can be ankle or capri length. When you first arrive, grab a locker for your stuff, remove your shoes, bring in water if you want or get some from their water cooler, grab one of the provided towels and two sets of hand weights from the baskets.

Once we had our equipment, Jen began class. She was very detailed in her instructions and personable to everyone there. She notices if you are doing something wrong and nudges you to the right form. She also praises you when you are doing it correctly and would often tell me, “Great job, Sandy,” or “Nice form, Sandy.” How she could keep up with everyone was amazing, as she moved about the class constantly when she wasn’t in front of everyone showing us a new exercise. She was awesome.

For me, holding the ball between my thighs while squatting with my heels lifted off the floor was the toughest part of the class. Other women told me it was a challenge for them at first too, but after that, their challenge is going into deeper squats and lifting their heels even higher.  The workouts never get too easy since you are constantly challenging yourself to do something deeper, higher, adding arms, not using arms and so forth.

Bar Method

I have never done anything like this before and have never used the bar and a ball they way they use it. I loved the variety and never got bored with any one exercise. I thought the hour went by way more quickly than anticipated! I had been slightly intimidated before attending the class since it’s been two years since I’ve actually been on any workout schedule, and because of my age—well, let’s just say I’m in my 50s. I thought there would be nothing but young, hard bodies there. I was wrong; I saw all levels and ages, and it was a relief. Not only that, but I felt alive, invigorated and energetic the rest of the day. I would recommend this class to anyone at any fitness level and at any age.

Details: 1281 Johnson Ferry Rd, Suite 112, Marietta, GA, (770) 578-4655,

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