Day 12 of Fitness – Atlanta School of Burlesque at Core Dance Studio

Day 12 of Fitness – Atlanta School of Burlesque at Core Dance Studio 

Best Self publisher Sherri Adair 

Rachel Payne, Flame Cynders, Sherri Adair

Rachel Payne, Flame Cynders, Sherri Adair

So my good friend Rachel Payne invited me to a class last night. She said, “Sherri, this is a different kind of workout, but I think you will like it.” Rachel should know – she and I have worked together for many years in the fitness industry and later both incorporated dance (ballroom style) into our fitness repertoires. But I really didn’t know much more than that when she invited me to join her for a Burlesque class.

I later learned that Burlesque is alive and well in Atlanta, and there is a thriving culture of dancers, entertainers, instructors, troupes and schools around the city. This class was held at Core Dance Studio in Decatur and was taught by an instructor from The Atlanta School of Burlesque. Burlesque is and artistic and sometimes seductive dance often accompanied with sequins, feathers, fans and other over-the-top costumes and makeup to tell a story.

Flame Cynders

Flame Cynders

The beginner class I attended for Day 12 of Fitness was taught by Flame Cynders, who had to immediately leave from teaching my class for a performance at Smith’s Old Bar. She was dressed in heels, fishnets and a body hugging dress with a flirty skirt, which she says can really put you in the right mood for the dance. All of the students wore heels (dance shoes) and were encouraged to take our outfits to the next level for the next class since most of us were wearing yoga pants and baggy shirts.

The class itself started with a warm-up and fairly traditional stretch exercises, except much more challenging to do in heels. Flame turned the music on, and we practiced the “walk.” This slow, deliberate, seductive walk across the room involved dragging the toe as we took each step, making sure our arms and hands looked soft, floaty and sexy…it was HARD to do.

Every movement we learned was done in half or quarter time. For example, a grapevine move is pretty basic and easy. However, if you try it in a quarter time with careful attention to your arm and hand position, then throw yourself into a pose and bend over while completing a leg or glove peel, I promise your muscles will be quivering.

This is a deceptively tough workout. But what a great way to exercise, smile, lose your inhibitions and tap into your sexy, beautiful self.

Each class is included as a series, and at the end you have your own 30-second choreographed routine you can perfect and practice.

Details: 133 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA, (404) 373-4154,

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