Day 12 of Fitness – Sh'Bam Dance Fitness at Adrenaline Group Xercise

Day 12 of Fitness – Sh’Bam Dance Fitness at Adrenaline Group Xercise

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Les Mills Sh'Bam classFour o’clock on Sunday afternoon is not exactly my peak fitness hour, but that was the time of the Sh’Bam dance fitness class at Adrenaline Group Xercise yesterday. I headed there for Day 12 of our 30 Days of Fitness, and despite not usually working out at that time, I was looking forward to an upbeat class.

Traffic is light on Peachtree Industrial during the weekend, so getting to AGX was a breeze, as was the parking. The person at the front desk greeted me right away, pointed out where I could grab a towel, and proceeded to show me to the group fitness room. The instructor, Myrna Soraya, gave me a very warm welcome and promised a very athletic, high energy, dance class. I mentioned to her that I had done Zumba classes before, and she said that was good but this class would be even more athletic and a harder workout.

Best Self associate publisher Patti and Sh'Bam instructor Myrna

Best Self associate publisher Patti and Sh'Bam instructor Myrna

The energy of the music and Myrna’s friendly personality quickly got me out of my Sunday afternoon sluggishness, and I was soon smiling and stepping along with her. The music was great, and with each song we learned a different “routine.” The routines were short and not terribly complicated, so it was easy to follow. I know I didn’t make it look as good as Myrna, but I was able to keep up. About halfway through, I realized my knees were feeling the years of abuse and not responding well to the fast twists and turns on the carpet. I made a few adjustments—kicks not so high, not quite as many turns as Myrna—got back on track for a strong finish!

Details: 5251 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Chamblee, GA, (770)458-3859,



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