Day 14 of Fitness – Cardio Reformer at Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy

Day 14 of Fitness – Cardio Reformer at Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy

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For today’s 30 Days of Fitness, I went to Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy (where I have taken classes for a few years now) to try a new class: Cardio Reformer. This studio is at the corner of Roswell and Hammond, so plan for traffic accordingly, but parking is a breeze. Stability has a great feel when you walk in–friendly greetings and clean, crisp decor, with lots of great Pilates clothing and some equipment like foam rollers and mats available for sale.

Pilates reformer with jump board attached

Pilates Reformer with jump board attached

I first want to point out that the Cardio Reformer class is not for novices! Before you take any reformer class, you need to take a few private sessions so you can learn how the equipment works, what your leg and spring settings should be and most importantly, how to correctly position your body in the various moves to get the most out of it. The class moves very quickly and while the instructor, Katie McNeight, is awesome at giving direction, each person really needs to know how to do the individual moves so as not to slow down the group. With that said, there were five of us last night and all seemed to be at about the same level. The level of intensity can be varied by the weight of the springs and how quickly you move.

Katie McNeight, Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy instructor

Katie McNeight, Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy instructor

The workout began with an abdominal warm-up. You hear “engage your core” and “legs into tabletop” a lot! This means you are clenching your abs and glutes like crazy while lying down with your legs up and knees bent at a 90-degree angle. It was an awesome workout! I absolutely love Pilates because you are stretching, toning and strengthening with every move. This had the added fun of a “jump board” being added–think trampoline at the end of the table. The reformer table glides with the resistance of springs, and you are “jumping” while lying on your back. This is so much easier on your knees and back, and during the numerous series of jumps, you definitely get your heart rate up–this was the most challenging part of the class for me. The hour flew by, and when I got up to stretch, I certainly had “the shakies” in my legs. I love that feeling of knowing I had a good, hard workout. Plus, my instructor Katie was fun and encouraging as always, and she really pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could do!

To try this class for yourself, or any of their other options like Pilates mat and yoga, visit their website to check out the pricing and class options.

Details: 5975 Roswell Road, Suite C-333, Sandy Springs, GA, 30328, (404) 303-9153,

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