Day 14 of Fitness – Pink Barre Sandy Springs

Day 14 of Fitness – Pink Barre Sandy Springs 

Best Self staffer: Bethany Newlin 

Maureen Chatelain  teaching at Pink Barre Sandy Springs

Maureen Chatelain (instructor) teaching a barre class at Pink Barre Sandy Springs

We’ve all heard the saying, “When you look good, you feel good!” The same rings true for fitness. For Day 14 of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s 30 Days of Fitness blog series, I visited Pink Barre Sandy Springs. Their 60-minute barre class required me to bring nothing more than myself and a pair of socks if I pleased.

So what exactly is “barre” you may ask? Barre is a ballet-inspired workout whose moves are very methodical yet intense all at the same time. You take the time to focus on tucking your tummy, protecting your spine and controlling each movement as well as your breathing.

Rie Oishi, Heather Chesser, Amy Liefer, Bethany Newlin

Rie Oishi, Heather Chesser, Amy Liefer, Bethany Newlin

Maureen Chatelain was my class instructor and made sure that each movement I completed was done with the correct posture. During the workout, my muscles and abs were burning. The hardest part of this workout was working my hamstrings. I am usually never able to get a really good targeted hamstring workout, but this did the trick! The most enjoyable part was our stretching and breathing exercise toward the end. Being able to close my eyes and focus on what I had just completed felt amazing. After, I felt refreshed, tight and ready for the rest of the day.

Overall, every barre studio is different. If you’ve tried a barre class but haven’t visited Pink Barre Sandy Springs, you are missing out!

Details: 230 Hammond Drive Suite 388, City Walk Shopping Center, Sandy Springs, GA, (404) 578-5198,

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