Day 15 of Fitness – Les Mills BODYPUMP™ at Onelife Atlanta Fitness

By Carmen Koehler

Many moons ago I was an avid LES MILLS™ BODYPUMP™ class attendee, but over the years my attendance took a nosedive. When I noticed my once beloved fitness class was offered at Onelife Atlanta Fitness, I decided to give it another try.

BODYPUMP One Life Atlanta Fitness CrabbApple 1

If you’ve never taken this class, be sure to let your instructor know so they can correct any issues with your form. Our instructor, Tammy Gottlieb, has been apart of the fitness industry for over 35 years, so she definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to proper form.

Like all workouts, the level of effectiveness BODYPUMP™ has on your body will all depend on what you put into it; i.e., amount of weights, your resistance, good form, etc. This class is a full body workout, so be careful when choosing your weights. Don’t try to do too much, too soon. The last thing you want is to be so sore you can barely walk!

Carmen Koehler with instructor Tammy Gottlieb

Carmen Koehler with instructor Tammy Gottlieb

For me, the hardest part of this strength training class are the upper body exercises, since my power comes from my legs. Even though some moves are more difficult than others, I always leave this class feeling invigorated.

Something I also really enjoyed, were the extra tips Tammy gave us for continuing our healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom; i.e. eat the gram equivalent of your body weight in protein, and increasing the weights you work out with won’t make you bulk up like a guy, but will help you develop lean muscle tissue.

To see the full Onelife Atlanta Fitness class schedule visit

Details: 12315 Crabapple Rd Alpharetta, Georgia

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