Day 16 of Fitness – Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa

Day 16 of Fitness – Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa

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Core Fusion Barre at Exhale SpaJust because a workout is physically challenging doesn’t mean it has to challenge your mind or spirit. I experienced a distinct difference between those two options when I took Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa for 30 Days of Fitness. The Midtown location is on the seventh floor of the Loews Hotel, so even though I was wearing workout clothes, I felt special walking into the gorgeous lobby. I took the elevator up to the spa’s level and stepped out near a beautiful waterfall feature into the welcome area of Exhale. I signed in and was shown to the cubbies and the Core Fusion room around the corner. The views from the large windows were lovely, and lots of natural light streamed into the hallways. Even though I knew I was about to have a challenging workout, this calm atmosphere of Exhale (true to its “Spa” name!) relaxed me mentally. I dropped my stuff in a cubby, grabbed a mat, weights, a strap and a ball, and got to work.

The workout was, as the name suggests, a blend of movements on and off the barre that were targeted predominantly at the core of the body–abs and back. The instructor, health and fitness blogger Kristin Gilbert, frequently reminded us that the goal of each small movement was to “make a muscle,” which was a great way to put it, because it kept my eyes on the prize. We used small, targeted movements for our core, of course, but also for our butts, quads, hamstrings, calves, and even arms and chest during the weights section. The pace was upbeat, and exercises happened on the barre, mat, and both standing and sitting. By the end, I was physically pretty wiped out, but little did I know, I had some restorative spa time coming my way!

Kristen Mason at Exhale Spa Atlanta

Kristen Mason at Exhale Spa

When the massage therapists at Exhale Spa have a little extra time in their schedule, they will sometimes set up a massage chair and offer quick, post-workout chair massages. I snagged a seat as soon as I could and enjoyed a wonderful chair massage from Kristen Mason. Then, my Core Fusion instructor–also Kristin–showed me around Exhale. It was during this tour that I realized how mentally relaxed I was, despite my physical tiredness. Exhale has several sauna rooms, massage rooms, a quiet yoga studio, a sunny outdoor patio, and a whole host of other amenities that made me feel like I could stay there all day, including spa-grade shampoos and cleansers in the locker room so you can feel fresh and pampered after your workout. So if you’re not a gym lover, Exhale Spa might be the perfect place for you–you can pair physical fitness with all the relaxation of a true spa and take care of yourself in every way.

For just $30, you can try out every aspect of Exhale for yourself during a Week of Transformation. Take Core Fusion barre, yoga or cycling classes, unwind with their spa therapies, enjoy discounts on a private training session, and shop in their boutique. After this relaxing, fitness-filled week, you can officially join and keep the calmness coming!

Details: 1065 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 720-5000,



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