Day 16 of Fitness – Gravity Studio Sandy Springs

Day 16 of Fitness – Gravity Studio Sandy Springs 

Best Self staffer: Bethany Newlin

Gravity Studios Sandy Springs

Gravity Studios Sandy Springs

More likely than not, many of you probably still remember actor Chuck Norris—the Texas Ranger—who we now see on infomercials promoting the total gym. Well, now you don’t have to complete this workout alone.

For Day 16 of Fitness, I took Gravity Studio’s Ride N’ Glide class at their Sandy Springs location. While this workout requires no equipment, be sure to bring a bottle of water! I’ve never done both cycling and a machine workout simultaneously, but this workout was awesome! Paige Castor was my class instructor and made sure each workout participant displayed the correct body positions, along with a level of comfortability on their machine.

Prior to arriving to this class I was quite nervous because I had never completed such a workout or been to this facility, but I was excited because I was finally able to give it a try. During, I was surprised at how effective it was because I only used my own body weight. The transitions to change positions were smooth, and afterward I felt sweaty and worked! I could really feel the workout in my arms which was perfect because that is always one of my target areas when working out.

Gravity Studios Sandy Springs Ride N' Glide Class

Gravity Studios Sandy Springs Ride N’ Glide Class

The hardest part of this workout was nothing! I was able to move at my own pace, which encouraged invited me to feel even more comfortable staying fit. But don’t get me wrong, I was still being pushed and my muscles burned for sure, but not the point where I felt as though I couldn’t complete the exercise.

The best part of this workout is knowing that any and everyone can truly do it! It suits all fitness levels, all ages and all body types. In addition, they even have heart-rate monitors for you to wear and track your own progress and pace. My workout was truly catered to my level and body.

For any first-timer like myself, I do suggest arriving ten minutes before class begins in order to sign-in, put your things away, set-up your heart-rate monitor, and ask any questions you may have. Doing these things will only aid in centering your mind and focusing yourself on the task at hand which is to enjoy the transformation of your body.

Details: 227 Sandy Springs Pl, Atlanta, GA, (678) 515.4006,

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