Day 15 of Fitness – X3 Sports West Midtown

Day 15 of Fitness – X3 Sports West Midtown 

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Morgan, Christina, Joe (our trainer), and Aubrey Campbell

Morgan, Christina, Joe (our trainer), and Aubrey Campbell

Often times, in order to get a different result, you must first try something new! For Day 15 of Fitness, I took X3 Sports’ one-hour power track weight lifting class at their West Midtown location.

Pulling into this fitness facility, I couldn’t help but notice how packed the parking lot was. I knew right then that I was in for a great workout! Once greeted by Randi and shown to the women’s locker room, I was then introduced to Joe, my instructor for the day. From there, he immediately split the class into groups to begin our workout. I was placed in a group with Morgan and Christina (pictured above). For Morgan, this was her second time taking the class, but Christina is a veteran. It was great to have her show us the ropes.

Although this class was different from any other class I’ve ever taken, my goal for 30 Days of Fitness was to become more comfortable with lifting weights in order to help increase muscle mass and strength.

Workout description on the white board

Workout description on the white board

Prior to the workout, Joe did an excellent job visually showcasing our workout for the day on a dry erase board. On the board, the workout was separated into A, B and C, all of which we did for three rounds. Our A1 and A2 workout included a Nordic raise and a supinated barbell row. Our second workout—B1 and B2—was the Nordic raise again with a bench press. And our third workout—C1, C2 and C3—were goblet squats, hammer curls with dumbbells and a table press. Morgan, Christina and I encouraged each other along the way!

During the workout, I became more comfortable with each repetition. After, I felt great and KNEW I was going to be nice and sore the next day. Power track is a full body workout!

If you are looking to build muscle, tone, burn fat and get stronger, I highly advise taking the power track class at X3 Sports. This class suits all fitness levels and will truly break down any fear you have of using weights.

Details: 1092 Huff Road NW, Atlanta, GA, (678) 903-0100,

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