Day 17 of Fitness – BOSU at Thrive Beyond Fitness

By Jennifer Prins

BOSU at Thrive Beyond Fitness Wellness Studio

(Top) Instructor Richard
(Bottom: Left to Right) Keiffer, Liz, Jennifer and Patricia

I have used the BOSU ball for ab work, but I had never taken a full hour-long BOSU class before. So, I was excited to try the BOSU class at Thrive Beyond Fitness  and learn just what damage (Ha! Ha!) this ball can do.

The instructors, Pam and Richard prepare the class for you and have everything including towels, water, mats and the ball. All you have to do is be prepared to work!

This class works so many muscles all at once – some you don’t even realize you are working until the next day…possibly even two days later.  It was a challenging class with some exercises easier for me than others. The class has a lot to do with balance, and of course, core strength, which you are working on the entire class.

BOSU 1 at Thrive Beyond Fitness Wellness Studio

Some moves are on the dome of the ball and the other use the flip side.  From warming-up and running on top of the BOSU, to push-ups, squats, balancing moves and – my least favorite – the dead bug exercise for abs – this is a total body workout.

Richard laughed with us as we complained, and his energy kept us pushing forward to the next exercise.  He was a great motivator from move to move.  Some moves are very tough the first time, but over time your strength will build and you will be able to perform more reps.

Think you would be bored only using this one piece of equipment – think again.  The BOSU is amazing and offers so many balance and strength-training moves.  You will totally walk out of this class feeling you had a complete, total body workout.

Details: 5 Mountain Street SE  Atlanta, GA 30339,

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