Day 18 of Fitness – Cyc Fitness Atlanta – Buckhead

Day 18 of Fitness – Cyc Fitness Atlanta – Buckhead 

Best Self editor: Flannery Keck 

Keoni Hudoba

Keoni Hudoba, Cyc Founder

For today’s workout, I took a class at the newly opened Cyc. This cycling studio is located in the Forum Athletic Club, tucked in Lenox Mall by the Macy’s package pickup entrance. Our ride was about 45 minutes and taught by Keoni Hudoba, who founded the Cyc method.

Like many dedicated cycling studios, Cyc provided clip-in cycling shoes for a more solid ride on the pedals. There are open cubbies available outside the studio, and the Forum has lockers available too. I changed my shoes, tucked my belongings in a cubby and hopped on my designated bike.

Flannery Keck and fellow Cyc rider Amelia Pavlik

Flannery Keck and fellow Cyc rider Amelia Pavlik

The workout got underway with some upbeat songs and a pedal pace that matched the beat. I always love when an instructor matches their ride to great music—it helps me stay motivated better than almost anything else! After we warmed up for a few songs, we spent the entire middle of the class adding upper body strength training to the mix. We slowed down our pace a bit and picked up a small, two-pound weight in each hand. Keoni worked out our arms with a variety of boxing moves such as upper cuts and jabs and even some swimming movements such as backstrokes and freestyle strokes. For anyone who is brand new to cycling, you may want to stick to a studio that focuses solely on the cycling itself, but for cyclists who want to add some variety to their rides, Cyc is a great choice.

Since I’ve cycled a lot before, I did enjoy the change of pace with so much added upper body work. I was surprised at how tough it was! I had to drop the weights pretty quickly because my body weight was plenty to challenge my muscles. Thankfully, Keoni kept all our movements right on the beat of each song, so even when I was getting tired, I was having fun. Overall, I liked that the studio was in a central location with plenty of parking, and I loved the high energy of the class. And really, you can’t go wrong with a studio whose T-shirts say, “I told my Cycologist about you!”

Details: 3393 Peachtree Road NE, Suite #2100, Atlanta, GA, (678) 904-1940,

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