Day 17 of Fitness – UFC Gym Perimeter

Day 17 of Fitness – UFC Gym Perimeter 

Best Self staffer: Chela Counts

UFC Gym Perimeter

UFC Gym Perimeter

I was once told, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” So for day 17 of fitness, I took several steps outside of my comfort zone to enroll in UFC Gym Perimeter’s kickboxing class led by the Coach Daniel/Danny.

This high-intensity total body workout was more than just your usual punching bag routine. It’s park cardiovascular, part interval training, with a targeted focus always on the correct completion of each movement at a fast-pace.

Coach Daniel, Chela Counts

Coach Daniel, Chela Counts

As a first-timer I was glad to know that previous experience is not required, gloves are provided and parking was a breeze. Once I entered the gym’s doors I was warmly greeted by the reception desk staff and then asked to complete a fitness goal questionnaire. From there, I was then guided by Krista Cross to the gym’s cubby section and then led back to the front so that Danny could securely wrap my hands—wrapping the hands prevents against self-injury when punching the bag.

To warmup, Danny took each of us through a series of stretches and then straight to instructing us to place our hands in the gloves. We each positioned ourselves next to a bag and began to complete front-kicks, upper-cuts, right and left hooks, jabs and even ab work.

Danny did an excellent job of circulating the room to ensure that each participant felt comfortable and completed each routine correctly His enthusiasm kept me motivated, especially in such an early morning class. Before the workout, I anticipated something easy but was instantly surprised and mistaken at how tough kickboxing truly is. During, my body felt warm and my arms and legs felt strengthened from one movement to the next. I was challenged and felt accomplished afterward.

From the friendly staff to the facility, UFC Gym Perimeter’s kickboxing class will not only get you fit but tone your body’s muscles as well. If you are eager to try something new and see results instantly, they offer just that.

Details: Perimeter Village, 4745 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA, (404) 445.8324,

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