Day 18 of Fitness – Chaos Conditioning Training with Jeff Baird

Day 18 of Fitness - Chaos Conditioning Training with Jeff Baird

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Jeff Baird from Chaos Conditioning

Jeff Baird from Chaos Conditioning

I had been searching for a personal trainer for a while, and when I heard that Jeff Baird, owner and instructor at Chaos Conditioning, had an opening I was excited to try out his methods and do some one-on-one training. I had heard good things about his high-intensity interval fitness classes and knew it would be a good fit for me and for our 30 Days of Fitness series.

The Chaos studio is located on East Paces Ferry Road next to Blue Moon Pizza. The parking situation is a bit confusing at first – there is a bank across the street that you can use or an apartment complex parking deck around the corner with two designated spots for Chaos Conditioning.

The studio itself is a no-frills place – no weights or fancy exercise machines. There are heavy ropes in the middle of the room and TRX bands and punching bags that line the outer perimeter. During our hour-long workout session, Jeff not only gave me a great workout but also took the time to explain what we were doing, why we were doing it and how it would benefit my muscles, stamina and posture – all things I wanted to work on!

We began on the treadmill, but not just any treadmill: this one was a unique manual machine that went as fast or as slow as I wanted. Since there was no motor, it was up to me to power it. I was a little unsteady at first, but then slowly got the hang of it. Jeff was very patient and encouraging. Next we moved on to the TRX bands where I used my own weight to push and pull myself up and down. This was very challenging for me because I was using my own body weight and working several different muscle groups at the same time. In between working out on the bands, Jeff also had me use these long, heavy ropes and pump my arms up and down to create a wave-like motion. This exercise made me use my core as well as my arms and after only a minute or two, my muscles were really burning!

The last part of my workout was my favorite – a bit of kickboxing. I donned my boxing gloves, Jeff got out some hand pads and we working on my jabs, punches and kicks. Finally we cooled down on the treadmill again. I really felt like I had pushed myself, I was tired but felt really good. My arms were the sorest from all the rope work we did, and overall I had a blast.

Chaos Conditioning

Details: 325 East Paces Ferry Road, Unit 1, Atlanta, GA, (404) 590-5852, [email protected],


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