Day 18 of Fitness – Sivananda Yoga at Concourse Athletic Club

By Sherri Adair

The Sivananda Yoga class at Concourse Athletic Club is perfect for a Sunday, and I am not the only one who thinks so. Get there early if you plan to go, because it seems to always be full. All you have to bring is water and yourself — mats, blocks and towels are all provided.

The room where the class takes place, Studio B, is the perfect size. The architecture of the room is semicircular in shape, with windows that open up and provide a calming view of the surrounding nature. Mirrors help you to check your form in your postures and reflect the natural light from outside.

Instructor Akshak

Instructor Akshak

Sivananda yoga is an old and widely practiced form of yoga. This steady and firm, but relaxed form of yoga is built around preserving the health and wellness of the practitioner. For me, it is a class where I can really find internal focus and work on my personal flexibility with more depth than I normally would. I believe flexibility is youth. Aging brings the loss of flexibility, and we need to make a conscious effort to maintain it.

The instructor, Akshak Alexander, guides you through poses gently and confidently. Her peaceful presence and attention help keep you in the moment throughout the hour and fifteen minute experience.

It is great for beginners and more advanced yoga lovers. This is one of those classes I take just for me and it always makes me feel good.

At the end of the class you will like you have worked out and relaxed at the same time.

Details:  8 Concourse Parkway, Sandy Springs, GA 30328,

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