Day 19 of Fitness – House of Payne Personal Training’s "Glute Camp"

Day 19 of Fitness – House of Payne Personal Training’s “Glute Camp”

Best Self publisher: Sherri

Best Self publisher Sherri with House of Payne trainer Jesse and other class participants Charlene, Laura

Best Self publisher Sherri with House of Payne trainer Jesse and other class participants Charlene and Laura

I was a little nervous about taking House of Payne Personal Training‘s “Glute Camp” for 30 Days of Fitness. The thought of one hour of nothing but “glute” exercises made me feel wonder, “What if I can’t do this?” But I can, and I did! I was quickly put at ease by the trainer, Jesse Mones. He talked with me about the class and assured me that the workout would be customized for me (even though I was part of a class), appropriate for my age and fitness level. I was challenged but felt good because I could do it.

The class started with alternating straight leg lifts while walking across the gym floor. We alternated touching toes of the extended straight legs as we walked. This was to help us warm up our glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. We then proceeded to intervals—four stations, 30 seconds at each station, and did this three times for a total of 12 exercises. Exercises included alternating step ups, plie style squats with kettle bells, side to side alternating lunges across a step, hands and knees position alternating bent knee leg raises, leg curls on a machine, single leg dead lifts, alternating leg curls, squats, single leg forward and back lunges while alternating each leg, pelvic raises from lying on back position and more.

With each one of the exercises, the common command was to get the most out of each exercise by squeezing, you guessed it, your glutes. The “glutes” have three major muscle groups, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The exercises were chosen to work all three areas of the buttocks: top, middle and bottom (hopefully to get that lift). People inherently have long, medium and short glute muscles which give our butts different appearances, but through exercise, you can actually define, build and reduce various ares of the buttocks to change the overall appearance.

By the end of the workout, while my legs and buttocks felt a little shaky, I felt absolutely no pain in my lower back. I loved the workout and will do it again. The great thing about this gym, though, is that they offer any kind of workout. House of Payne Personal Training has honed the art and skill of truly changing bodies. Their ability to work with clients, understand their goals and customize workouts to achieve them is second to none. I witnessed a gym full of people—all ages, all body types, men and women—who seemed clearly invested and focused on what they were doing and knowledgeable trainers working hard to get them the results they want.

Best Self publisher Sherri Adair and House of Payne owners Rachel and Steve Payne

Best Self publisher Sherri Adair and House of Payne owners Rachel and Steve Payne

A myriad of activities represented the various goals and chosen paths for their clientele. There is a lot of equipment in this gym, in addition to the equipment we used for class: free weights, weight lifting machines for every conceivable body part, huge ropes and tires, mats, balls, steps, kettle bells and the list goes on. You can see the activity everywhere as people lift, sculpt and chisel their bodies using the equipment with guidance of the trainers. A huge stage anchors one corner of the gym where about 25 physique, bikini and bodybuilding contenders were participating in practicing  the art of competition posing. Led by co-owner Steve Payne, who is a nationally renowned “posing” expert, it was fascinating to watch. In another area of the gym, younger guys are flipping and jumping on what appear to be huge tractor tires. Co-owner Rachel Payne explains this group is focused on gaining strength and muscle mass for their sports activities. If you need to lose weight, this is the place. There are success stories and “after” photos lining the walls of the gym and that is only the ones who decide to participate in fitness competitions. Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters and singles of all ages find this a place to get help no matter your goals. Don’t like your biceps? They can help you. Don’t like your calves? They can help you. Not happy with your backside? They can help with that too, and the “glute camp” I took is just one way to work on that specific area of the body. Try it for yourself this weekend—it’s offered every Saturday!

Details: Glute Camp is every Saturday at House of Payne Personal Training at 10:30 and costs $20.  4565 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn GA 30047, (678) 641-9188,


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