Day 19 of Fitness – Intro to Pole at Pole La Teaz

By Chela Counts

This particular #30DaysOfFitness class was extra special for me because I took the class with my mom. Taking the Intro to Pole class at Pole La Teaz is something we have been talking about doing for the past year, and it was a great bonding experience.

Chela Counts, Angela Edwards, Greta Counts

Chela Counts, Angela Edwards, Greta Counts

Before jumping right into the class, Angela Edwards, our instructor invited each student to gather in a circle, introduce ourselves and state our reason for attending the class. While each student’s reasons varied, the overall objective for me to take the class was to leave feeling invigorated and tap into my inner sexy while getting a good workout in. For my mom, the purpose of the class was to engage her upper body strength and try a new fun exercise class that didn’t feel like your average everyday workout.

We began on the yoga mat and performed some lower body exercises: hip rolls, planks and a light total body workout. When it came time to began the pole portion, Angela first reminded us that much of pole dancing is upper body strength. So, to tap into our upper body strength, we were shown where to properly place our hands on the pole, told to step close to the pole and hold both of our legs in the air for as long as we could. My mom was up first, and man did she make it look easier than it was. When it was my turn, I could barely hold both legs up for a millisecond. After a few tries and tips from my mom and Angela – per their observation, I was able to hold both legs up for at least five seconds.

Angela demonstrates a move.

Angela demonstrates a move.

Once pole training concluded, we jumped right into learning the fireman spin. Angela made sure to help each class attendant perfect their spins before putting each step to up-tempo music. Along with the fireman spin, Angela also taught us a floor routine that I’m sure would have seemed to teaz any audience.

I’ve never done anything like this workout before. Compared to my intense athletic training for track and field and cross country, it was much more laid back, less intense, fun, yet still involving all muscles to be worked and used.

Angela was a wonderful instructor. She was warm, inviting, informative and very encouraging. Great instructor and class to say the least!

Details: 2148 Hills Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318,

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