Day 2 of Fitness – Synergy Level 1 Hip Hop at Dance 101 Atlanta

Day 2 of Fitness – Synergy Level 1 Hip Hop at Dance 101 Atlanta 

Best Self staffer: Chela Counts

Jan 2015 Day 2 Of Fitness - Dance 101

While fitness has always been a top priority on my New Year’s intentions list, this year I made sure to include the word F-U-N beside it! Although health is a serious topic, getting fit can indeed be quite fun. For Day 2 of our 30 Days of Fitness, I attended Dance 101 Atlanta’s 5:30 p.m. Synergy Level 1 Hip Hop class with instructor D. Norris.

This hour long workout was action-packed from the moment the music began to the very end. Our pre-workout stretch tested my body’s flexibility, while the choreography tested my memorization. While each dance style does consist of a specific form to use, D. Norris encouraged each class attendee to express freely while still committing your body to flow into each choreographed step.

As I was a first-time attendee to Dance 101′s Synergy class, D. Norris highly suggested to me that although no equipment is needed for this specific workout, that each student wear comfortable shoes, keep an open-mind, exude confidence and to move the way you would naturally. Before the workout I was anxious and unaware of what to expect. During, I felt a bit of fatigue but by the end my body was energized and ready to be replenished with lots of water. If you’re looking for a class with an enthusiastic instructor in an intimate and fun setting, this class just might be it!

D. Norris’ Synergy class is offered twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, with a participation fee of $20.

Details: 2480 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 404-542-3887, [email protected],


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