Day 2 – Vinyasa Flow at Atlanta Hot Yoga

Day 2 of Fitness – Vinyasa Flow at Atlanta Hot Yoga

by Best Self publisher: Sherri

Best Self Atlanta publisher Sherri Adair at Atlanta Hot Yoga

Best Self Atlanta publisher Sherri Adair at Atlanta Hot Yoga

For the second day of 30 Days of Fitness, I went to a hot yoga class at Atlanta Hot Yoga in Vinings. Before the workout, I felt kind of tired and sleepy because it was 6 a.m., but I was determined to kick my fitness into a higher gear in the New Year, so I was happy just to get there. Since it was a rainy, nasty, cold morning, hot yoga seemed like the perfect workout to do. What really makes this class different from traditional yoga–and perfect for a cold day–is the heated room. The temperature is in the 90s, so a class like this warms you right up. Just make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after class, since you’ll sweat more than when you’re doing regular yoga. And try not to be intimidated by the notion of “hot” yoga. Remember, you go at your own pace, and if it ever feels like too much, you can simply leave and try again.

As we started class and my blood started to flow, I quickly shifted from sleepy and sloth-like to the awakening of my body through breath and the challenge of engaging my muscles. The hardest part of the workout was moving through the more challenging balance poses. The most enjoyable part of the hour-long class was the peaceful ending and knowing that I had done my best. I definitely felt challenged and a little rusty, but it was a great way to kick off the New Year. I also felt really cleansed after this class, thanks to sweating it out in the heated room.

Carly Grace Hinchman - yoga instructor

Carly Grace Hinchman - yoga instructor

The instructor, Carly Grace Hinchman, was fantastic. She is one of the best instructors I’ve had for hot yoga. I have found that with most classes, it is not so much about the exercises or movements–instead, the success of the class and the quality of the workout begin and end with the instructor. Carly gave very clear instruction and demonstrations but also let the students know this was our class, our practice and our bodies, and to move at our own pace without fear of judgment.

Drop in to a class for yourself for just $18, and if you’re new to hot yoga, learn more about what to expect from your first class by clicking here. If you find you love this workout, join in Atlanta Hot Yoga’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge starting on February 24!

Details: 2355 Cumberland Parkway SE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 355-2652, [email protected],

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  1. Melissa says:

    Her gracious spirit is alive in her classes!

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