Day 20 of Fitness: Core Barre Workout at The Core

Day 20 of Fitness – Core Barre Workout at The Core

Best Self account executive: Carmen Koehler

Recently, barre classes have become all the rage in the world of fitness. We should know—for our 30 Days of Fitness, we ended up at several of them! Carmen, one of our account executives, wanted to get in on the fun, so she went to local Pilates studio The Core to try out their Core Barre workout class. Here’s what she has to say about the experience:

Allison Stone, The Core owner, and Marisa Antolino, instructor

Allison Stone, The Core owner, and Marisa Antolino, instructor

“This was my first barre class to take, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However, I really enjoyed this class and the instructor, Marissa Antolino. The class is on the smaller side, so Marissa was really able to get with each of us to make sure we were positioned correctly throughout the class. We used a variety of equipment during the class, including mats, balls, weights, belts and the barre, of course. I found the class fun and challenging and loved how Marisa mixed things up the whole time. She started us off with some cardio to get us warmed up, kept us stretching throughout the class and included a lot of ab exercises that impacted your whole body. My one warning for this class is to be prepared to work your abs! The biggest challenge for me during the class was doing sit-ups with my legs off the mat. It helps to have strong abs, but if yours aren’t quite there yet, I think this class can help you big time.

Also, I can’t say enough about the instructor, Marissa. She was such a great motivator and really made sure that we were all getting the workout that we needed in order to get the results we wanted. And unlike some workout classes I have done that have left me feeling exhausted, I felt stronger and invigorated after this class. I also really enjoyed that Marissa incorporated stretching throughout the class to help keep us loose.”

To try Core Barre at The Core for yourself, sign up for the one-hour class on Monday evenings, Tuesdays at noon or Saturday mornings. The cost is $26 per class, and packages are available.

Details: 12030 Etris Road, Suite 220, Roswell, GA 30075, (770) 998-6411,

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