Day 20 of Fitness – RPM at Gold’s Gym Woodstock

By Carmen Koehler

It is 5:15 a.m. on a Monday as I pull into the parking lot of Gold’s Gym of Woodstock, headed to Jenny Piacente’s 5:30 a.m. RPM class.  I am still amazed at how active the world is at this early of an hour.  Stepping into the RPM room, as a newcomer, I could definitely notice the easy camaraderie between the bikers and the instructor.

Instructor Jenny Piacente

Instructor Jenny Piacente

The lights dim, the music starts, and class begins.  During our warm-up, Jenny is sure to share with us the importance of correctly positioning ourselves on the bike. She then leads us through pace, hill and mixed terrain riding experiences – explaining the physical goals and health benefits of each tract.  She does this while riding hard herself, and singing, and bantering, and cueing and counting.  Oh, and don’t forget sweating!  The class responds in kind.  It is a beautiful thing when 25 people move in unison and sway to the rhythm of a powerful beat.  This strong syncopation of movement to music is truly the strength of this Les Mills designed fitness class.

RPM class is in session.

RPM class is in session.

Time for interval training – the cardio peak of class.  Now is when you will really begin to burn calories  and continue to burn them all day.  Jenny reminds us “your body will continue to work long after your mind says quit.”  It is one of the things I enjoy most about RPM – your mind can disengage but your body keeps responding, to the music, to your instructor, to your teammates. Then we are on to  the speed track, and finally the mountain climb.

It is then time to cool down – or as they say, the ride home.  Some stretching and we are done.  I feel great – calm, energized, ready to start the day.

Details: 301 Gold Creek Trail, Woodstock, GA 30188,

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