Day 21 of Fitness – BodyART Fitness Yoga at Lift Yoga Therapy

Day 21 of Fitness – BodyARTFitness Yoga at Lift Yoga Therapy

Best Self account executive: Sandy

Best Self account executive Sandy and Kim Saunders from Lift Yoga Therapy

Best Self account executive Sandy with Kim Saunders from Lift Yoga Therapy (Thanks to Caron Stajduhar for snapping these photos!)

For today’s 30 Days of Fitness workout, I attended BodyARTTM Fitness Yoga at Lift Yoga Therapy in Milton. I have never done anything like this class before, but I see why it’s a sensation over in Europe. BodyARTTM blends power yoga, interval training and strength work all into one awesome workout, with a resting portion at the end of class. The class was taught by Kim Saunders, who welcomed many of her students with a warm hug. It was clear that she genuinely cared about her students, and I felt welcome in the class.

We started by warming up with some guided movements and upbeat music. Kim is great at showing you exactly what you need to do, and she gives some alternate moves depending on your fitness and experience level. She showed us the moves and positions at the front of the room and then moved through the room giving us positive messages. She reminded us that we need to trust our love for ourselves. She asked us to consider what we needed to let go of and then to let go of it. She invited us to focus on where we needed to be right then. These prompts were perfect as they stopped me from thinking about my day, challenges and traffic and instead helped me to get centered in myself, in the moment and in my body.

Then, as the music bumped up to a faster beat, we were doing Cardio Yoga and loving it!  The music was carefully chosen for all the moves and guided our pace. Kim called the high intensity portion of the yoga workout “deep work.”  And yes, I could certainly feel it deep into my muscles – they needed waking up, and they came alive today! Even during that part, the class was never too much for a yoga rookie like me. My hip had been bothering me before the beginning of class, but during and after the workout, I felt wonderful. I was not over worked or under worked. My whole body was awake yet relaxed.

BodyART at Lift Yoga Therapy

The whole class after BodyART at Lift Yoga Therapy

At the end of class, Kim guided us through a resting phase. She handed out sachet packets, which were scented with relaxing herbs, for us to lay over our eyes, as well as thick blankets to cover up with. She gently invited us to consider how we can focus on giving more than taking in our relationships. She also reminded us to be one with the earth, reminding me that instead of trying to hold up the earth, I’m supposed to let the earth hold me completely. By that point in the class, I was ready for anyone or anything to hold me as I let my muscles and body relax completely.

For anyone who lives or works within driving distance of this studio, I highly recommend it.  On their website, check out the schedule of free classes going on right now and try it for yourself! The studio offers BodyART as well as a variety of other classes: Flow, Power, Fitness, Yin, Kids, Prenatal, Thai Yoga and Meditation. To try them all, take advantage of their introductory offer of $30 for 30 days.

Details: Located in the Bethwell Community Center, 2695 Hopewell Road, Milton, GA, (if you aren’t familiar with this location, be sure to use Google Maps, because your GPS will get confused!) (404) 906-8233, or on Facebook HERE.

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