Day 21 of Fitness – Level 2 at The Bar Method East Cobb

By Ansley Bourn

Walking into my Level 2 class at The Bar Method East Cobb, I was really excited. I had been taking Mixed classes at the studio for a few months now, but this was my first Level 2 class. I was ready for a new challenge! As always, Carson Simonton, our instructor, welcomed me at the front with a smile and checked me into class.

The Bar Method East Cobb

Talking with Carson before this class, she gave me the run-down of what differentiates a Level 2 class from a Mixed class. Mixed classes are really “mixed” level, meaning that anyone is eligible. They are made up of people brand new to barre and clients who have been taking classes for years. Level 2 is “the next level up.” You have to have taken at least 25 mixed classes before taking a Level 2.

I felt great during the warm-up and noticed my muscles firing up a little earlier with the extra plank. Since all of my classmates were a little more advanced, the energy in the room was exhilarating. It was like we were all challenging each other to try the advanced options and hold positions longer for the extra shake!

Throughout the class, Carson made sure we were all in the correct positions and would help us each make small adjustments to keep our alignment safe. All instructors at The Bar Method go through extensive training before they can teach and are all very well versed in physical therapy. In addition to their auditions,  they also much complete a full week of seven hours per day training, lead community classes and certification videos, and take a manual and anatomy test.

My favorite part of the class was back dancing, and not because it was at the end of class either! During back dancing, you are laying on the mat lifting your seat up and down to the beat. This really sends a great stretch to your glutes and thighs, and for me it was a sign of success that my lower half had gotten a great workout!

If you haven’t been to The Bar Method yet, now is the time to check them out! They have a location in East Cobb and will be opening a new studio off of Lenox Road in Buckhead at the beginning of February (official date TBA)!

Details: 1281 Johnson Ferry Rd #112, Marietta, GA 30068,

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