Day 21 of Fitness – Studio Lotus Emory

Day 21 of Fitness – Studio Lotus Emory

Best Self staffer: Aubrey Campbell 

Aubrey Campbell with Studio Lotus Instructor Anne

Aubrey Campbell with Studio Lotus Instructor Anne

I’ve recently been in search of more effective fitness routines that not only give me strength, but also improve my body’s physique. For Day 21 of fitness, I enrolled in Studio Lotus Emory’s hybrid redcord and kettlebell personal training class. I was excited to see what was in store, especially since I had never heard of or worked with redcords or kettlebells.

Upon arriving to Studio Lotus’ Emory location, I was greeted by Joanna Williams who helped me put my things away and then introduced me to my instructor for the night named Anne. Anne then led me to the redcord training workout area where I was immediately reminded me of TRX suspension training. Redcord was developed in Norway around 1991 and is an exercise technique that addresses muscle imbalances and improves core stability by activating the correct muscles—at the correct time—in the correct amount. Redcord is unique in its ability to position the body in a controlled, unstable and pain-free environment by utilizing a system of ropes and slings suspended from the ceiling. Anne and I did a variety of suspension workouts in the plank and side plank position to work my core and my gluteus medius muscle.

Anne, Aubrey Campbell, Joanna Williams

Anne, Aubrey Campbell, Joanna Williams

After the redcord workout was complete, I went to the back room to complete the kettlebell portion of the workout and train on each set of training ropes. Anne and I both completed a variety of different motions to get my heart rate up and work my upper body. From there, my kettlebell routine had began.

For me, the hardest part of this workout was the 15-minute completion of the training ropes. The most enjoyable part of was the kettlebell portion. I’ve never worked with kettlebells so I loved learning the proper technique. I’ve always grouped kettlebells and free-weights in the same category, but they are two totally different workouts. Kettlebells are meant to be swung away from the body using natural momentum because they provide a low-impact, total body workout that can be complete in under an hour.

Studio Lotus is a wonderful facility to visit and build lean muscle! The facility is clean, quaint and the staff are extremely knowledgeable!

Details: 1145 Zonolite Rd, Suite 13, Atlanta, GA, (404) 817-0900,

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