Day 22 of Fitness – Hip-Hop Cycling at Summit Fitness Center

By Alexandra McCray

“Can you see me? I’m in the green jacket,” says Summit Fitness Center instructor Linda Bolton, who is braving the cold to help me find a parking spot. Summit Fitness Center is located inside the Peachtree Summit Federal Building in the heart of the city, which means parking can be a challenge at times. Once I am parked, Linda leads me into the center for her 6:45 a.m. Hip-Hop Cycling class.

I walk into the classroom and am immediately greeted by 10-12 friendly faces. I find one of the few open seats and get my bike set up. The energy in the room is contagious and I can tell I am in for a good class.

Hip Hop Cycling at Summit Fitness Center

Linda leads the class.

We begin pedaling with no resistance and start an upper body warm-up of stretches, shoulder shrugs and arm movements. Shortly after, we are up off our seats and pedaling full force. Linda has put on a CD of classic and modern hip-hop songs that have been remixed to create the perfect cardio soundtrack. I have taken spin classes before, but nothing like this. The whole time you are spinning Linda has you doing fun dance moves to the beat of the songs, one of my personal favorites included mimicking the motion of swiping a credit card. Fun radiates off Linda, and when she sees you getting into the moves and dancing along she offers lots of encouragement and praise.

The comradery of this class is appreciable, even though it was my first time at Summit, Linda and my classmates made me feel right at home. Towards the end of class we did a “relay race.” Linda would call out your name then you would peddle as fast as you could, as she told you to go on and off your seat, while everyone cheered you on.

After the relay race we eased up on resistance and slowly brought our pedaling to a stop. We then stretched using our bikes, and class was over. At this point I was a sweaty mess, but felt energized and ready to take on my day.

To learn how you can add Hip-Hop Cycling to your cardio routine contact Linda Bolton at [email protected]

Details: 401 W Peachtree St Nw Atlanta GA 30308,,

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