Day 23 of Fitness – Mastering Movement at Snap Fitness Glenwood

By Alexandra McCray

Movement and mobility are not just essential for your efforts in the gym, but also everyday life. Think about it. Are you sore from hard workouts? Are you aching from keeping up with the kiddos? Or, are you feeling tight and stiff from a long commute then sitting at a desk all day? If you can relate to any of those, then I guarantee the Mastering Movement class at Snap Fitness Glenwood has something for you.

Walking in for my first class, I could feel my morning workout taking its toll on my glutes. So, I was pretty pumped when our instructor, Martha Jean (MJ) Schindler, informed us that tonight we would be focusing on opening up our hips and glutes. Each Mastering Movement class focuses on improving range of motion, joint health and reducing tightness in different parts of the body.

MJ demonstrates proper foam rolling techniques with fellow classmate, Jack.

MJ demonstrates proper foam rolling techniques with fellow classmate, Jack.

We started with some basic foam rolling techniques, first on our hamstrings and glutes, then a little on our quads. MJ explained that we should be rolling slowly, and once we found a knot to hold it there, and to take deep breaths and try to relax our body so the knot could release. One of the biggest things I learned in this class is that timing is everything. To really loosen the tension you often need to hold the positions for a few minutes, which can be uncomfortable and at times downright painful. Like a deep tissue massage, the pain is very much worth it though. A few times throughout class MJ had us do a body-weight squat so we could feel the difference the stretches were making.

What I love most about this class is that MJ provides you with a ton of practical knowledge. She showed us stretches we could perform on the couch while watching TV, told us which type of sports balls work well as self-massage tools, told us about red flags to look for while stretching and showed modifications if stretches were too intense.

No matter where you rank yourself on the fitness scale, I highly recommend everyone take this class at least once. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll know a lot more about your body.

To learn more about MJ and Crossfit Mobility visit

Details:  920 Glenwood Ave. Suite 102/103, Atlanta, GA 30316,

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