Day 23 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Red Light Metabolic Weight Loss at Body Works Chiropractic and Wellness Center

By Best Self Staffer: Susan Lesesne

I’ve been going to Body Works Chiropractic and Wellness Center for quite a while now. They have really helped me with my back pain, so I was excited to hear they could also help me with weight loss and younger-looking skin. I had never heard of Red Light Metabolic Weight Loss therapy before and was excited to try it.

Susan receives Red Light Metabolic Weight Loss therapy.

Susan receives Red Light Metabolic Weight Loss therapy.

All I had to do was lay down on a reclined chair and have the light positioned on the areas I wanted to work on. I was very comfortable and the red light was warm, but never too hot or uncomfortable.

“The energy of the specialized Photonica Professional Treatment Technology enters the layer of the skin focusing only on the fat cells that are in the subcutaneous layer, (the layer underneath your skin). As soon as these cells are infiltrated with this specialized red light, components like water, fatty acids, glycerol, and triglycerides are released. As a result of this release, your fat cells reduce in size causing the loss in inches and cellulite. The triglycerides (fat) released in the process are also used by your body as an energy source,” says Marlene Parker Body Works Chiropractic and Wellness Center Practice Manager

In addition to weight loss, this treatment is also great for aging skin, as well as weight loss. The lights help to produce collagen which plumps the skin and makes it look younger.

After the live filming of my treatment was over, I just got to lay in the dark room and relax. They even had soft music playing. When we took body measurements, I had lost just under five inches all over my body. On my thighs alone I lost half an inch! I can’t wait to go do it again! The treatment will continue to work for a few more days, so I should well exceed five inches lost. I didn’t even get my whole body done and I was amazed at the results.



For more on this service, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Marlene Parker, and Susan Lesesne.

Details: 770.988.0988. 2330 Windy Hill Rd., SE., Marietta, GA 30067.

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