Day 24 of Fitness – Fet-ness at Roc House Women's Fitness Spa

Day 24 of Fitness – Fet-ness at Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa

Best Self account executive: Aubrey

For today’s 30 Days of Fitness workout, I went to Roc House Women’s Fitness Spa for their hour-long Fet-ness class. Our instructor, Keisha, is from Trinidad & Tobago, and she explained the word “fete” means an extravagant party in French, which perfectly describes the extravagant Caribbean party feel of this class. The basis of this class is about taking high-energy Caribbean music and combining it with toning, resistance and strengthening exercises. Fet-ness reminded me of a Zumba class, but with strong Caribbean and reggae influences with the music and moves.

Fet-ness instructor Keisha and Best Self staffer Aubrey

Fet-ness instructor Keisha and Best Self staffer Aubrey

When I arrived, I signed a waiver and they helped set me up with a locker. First off, this gym is beautiful and offers a variety of group classes. Not only are they a gym designed for women, but also offer spa services, a hair and nail salon, retail boutique, and an all-natural café. It really is a one-stop shop for health, wellness, and beauty! As for the class, I was excited to try it but didn’t know what to expect. Once class began, though, I felt like I was at a dance party! Everyone was smiling and the music was upbeat, so sometimes it didn’t feel like I was working out at all. We never stopped moving and the moves incorporated resistance training, so even though it didn’t feel like it, I knew I was getting exercise in. The hardest part of the workout was when we were doing the moves that required squats. My legs have been pretty sore from the other workouts I’ve done this week, so I was really feeling the burn when we were doing squats.

Not only was the workout fun and effective, but Keisha was great. She had so much energy and was having a great time, which was infectious throughout the class. Keisha had a smile on her face the entire time, and I could tell the music and dances moves were close to her and the culture of Trinidad & Tobago. Overall, the entire workout was enjoyable from start to finish! It was a super fun class that I would love to take again. 

Details: Fet-ness is offered on Thursdays at 7 p.m. 3402 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA, (404) 500-1621,

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One Response to Day 24 of Fitness – Fet-ness at Roc House Women's Fitness Spa

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for not only the class and instructor description, but also the club. Sounds like a great health club that thinks beyond the class. And the class sounds like so much fun while giving you a great workout at the same.

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