Day 25 of Fitness – Foundations at The Daily

By Alexandra McCray

Walking into The Daily I was immediately overwhelmed by a sense of calmness and serenity. This boutique Pilates studio, tucked away across the street from the King Plow Arts Center, is beautiful. Cool greys, blues and crisp whites can be found in every aspect of its interior design. Lily Collins, studio owner and instructor, greeted me with a warm smile as I walked in the door.

After putting my things away, Lily lead me up a small, spiral staircase where mats, balls, and foam rollers were waiting for me. Today’s Foundations Pilates class was small, with just two other women. Personally, I am always a fan of small classes. To me, it often means you get a little bit more one-on-one instruction and the chance to connect with your classmates more.

Lily and Alexandra

Lily and Alexandra

We began our warm-up by rolling small balls beneath our feet to get our blood flowing and release tension from standing all day, wearing heels and just general wear and tear our feet. We then placed the foam roller vertically on the mat and laid our backs on it. We gently rolled from side to side to help release any stress from that area.

After we were warmed up, we headed down stairs into the reformer room. I’ve never used a Pilates reformer before, but Lily was great at helping me get comfortable with the machine and making sure my form was correct. I loved that we were able to get in a whole body workout on the reformer. One of my favorite moves worked our legs and had us doing circles in the air with the our feet in the straps.

We ended class by using the straps and reformer to stretch out our muscles, which felt great. Lily reminded us that we would get more flexible with each class.

I highly recommend this class if you’re looking to venture into the world of reformer Pilates, or just looking for a new way to work your muscles.

Details: 981 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318,


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