Day 25 of Fitness – World Gym Smyrna

Day 25 of Fitness – World Gym Smyrna 

Atlanta Home Improvement staffer: Jennifer Prins 

Emily Timotheo, Jennifer Prins

Emily Timotheo, Jennifer Prins

If your fitness regimen is anything like mine, than you probably have that one workout routine or favorite machine at the gym that has already been mastered. And while it is great to get your body used to a routine of feeling and looking its best,  your body may need to try something new in order to see a different result.

For Day 25 of fitness, I enrolled in World Gym Smyrna’s one-hour cross-training class with Emily Timotheo. Cross-training combines exercises from other sports, ultimately increasing your performance to receive a total body workout. There is no equipment required that you bring, but you will be working your entire body so be sure to bring a towel and water.

Prior to the start of class I didn’t know what to expect since this class is similar to that of a boot-camp workout. I was also unfamiliar with dive bomber push-ups and inch worm exercises, but from the dive bombers to inch worms and crisscross squats, this class kept me guessing the entire time.

During the workout, Emily gave fantastic instructions and kept the class energy up with her enthusiasm. Once she displayed how to properly perform each move, we did three-minutes of concentrated exercise moves, and then received a one-minute rest before the next set of exercise series began. There were some exercises where we did use weights, but for others we transitioned between standing exercises and mat routines.

This workout was tough, but Emily has made sure to design a series for all fitness-levels to participate. Your heart rate stays up throughout the class and you will sweat the entire time. Not only will I be back to take this class, but I highly recommend it to others as well. I love the fact that you will not perform the same exercise each week.

Details: 4425 South Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA, 30080, (770) 801-0006,

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