Day 26 of Fitness – Exhale Atlanta

Day 26 of Fitness – exhale Atlanta

Atlanta Home Improvement staffer: Jeret Adair 

Brianna Norton, Jeret Adair

Brianna Norton, Jeret Adair

For Day 26 of Fitness, I enrolled in Exhale Atlanta’s high-intensity Core Fusion Extreme class led by Brianna Norton. This workout facility is located on the seventh floor of the Loews Hotel in Midtown, with convenient valet parking in front. Once arriving to the seventh floor, I could not believe my eyes. The spa was huge! And not only was it enormous, but it was just as luxurious and beautiful.

I proceeded to the locker room to change and was greeted with all of the amenities of a five-star luxury spa—a steam room, sauna, warm towels and all of the toiletries I could imagine. Once I was changed, I went to the exercise studio where I was handed a number by my instructor Brianna. This number was not only a representation of the group I was in, but it ultimately dictated my fate for some hard care intense circuit training. Brianna divided us into groups and stations, and from there the class quickly catapulted into an interval training workout with movements varying from push-ups, TRX straps, kettlebell swings and aerobics. We were given one minute to complete each movement before rotating to the next station. After the second round, I noticed that the music brought me into a trance where I felt extremely focused on my workout. Brianna’s enthusiasm and instruction made the class fun and challenging because she pushed everyone to beyond their perceived limitations.

Before I knew it, the hour was over, and I was completely exhausted in the best way possible. I returned to the locker room and took a well-deserved steam and shower, got my parking pass validated by the front desk, and enjoyed a mineral water on the way out. Truly an excellent way to start the day!

Details: Loews Hotel (7th floor), 1065 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA,(404)

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