Day 27 of Fitness – Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy

Day 27 of Fitness – Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy 

Best Self associate publisher Patti Stephens 

Megan Hunter, Patti Stephens

Megan Hunter, Patti Stephens

This past Sunday, I was in a morning fog only wanting to curl up in my favorite reading chair with coffee and the paper. But, the fitness goal I set reminded me that I had different plans. If you’ve never taken a cardio reformer class at Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy in Sandy Springs, now is the time to go! For Day 27 of Fitness, I attended their 10 a.m. hour class taught by Megan Hunter.

I arrived to the studio at around 9:50 a.m.—parking is a breeze right in front of the studio at the corner of Hammond Drive and Roswell Road—where there was a 9:00 a.m. class finishing their workout for the day. This class is not for beginners! I highly advise taking a private session with an instructor before taking a class (maybe a few) because the reformer tables have cables, springs and many other moving parts that you must first know how to adjust. More importantly, you need to know how to adjust your body, engage your core, imprint, protect your lower back and so much more. Each of the instructors at Stability are great with helping and advising, but you don’t want to be a novice in a class and slow everyone else down!

Meagan was fantastic! She was very motivating and her timing was impeccable! She moved from machine to machine to ensure that we all received the same amount of attention and advice. She even went so far as to give us each a little neck massage during the stretch! The class was timed perfectly so that she could convert the reformers while we were standing at the end of the tower, on and off the balance ball (Bosu ball). This really helps to keep the flow of the class going and your heart rate up!

Meagan added jump boards to the ends of the reformers, making them like mini trampolines. Imagine lying on your back and jumping with springs attached for added resistance. Megan also ran us through different positions and timing to keep things interesting! When we weren’t jumping, our “rest” time was football running. Yes, mini-steps in place on the jump board!

Before I knew it, my hour had flown by! The music was upbeat and so was the entire vibe of the class! I felt great and had even forgotten about my Sunday morning coffee and paper that I always enjoy. In fact, I even signed up to take another class this Sunday. Consider giving it a try!

Details: 5975 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA, (404) 303-9153,

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