Day 28 of Fitness – UFC Gym Perimeter

Day 28 of Fitness – UFC Gym Perimeter 

Best Self staffer: Chela Counts

Chela Counts, Coach Floyd

Chela Counts, Coach Floyd

More likely than not, you’ve either heard or read about undefeated American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But what you probably haven’t experienced first-hand is UFC Gym Perimeter’s UFC Fit class with Coach Floyd. Nicknamed “The Philosopher,” Coach Floyd may not be the actual Floyd Mayweather, but his expertise in the fitness industry and own personal experience as a boxer will lead you to believe you are being trained by the best! So with only two days left of Best Self Atlanta’s 2nd Annual 30 Days of Fitness blog series, for Day 28 of Fitness, I decided to revisit this gym (but try a different class) because of its close-knit fitness community.

UFC Fit is a 60-minute high-interval training class that focuses primarily on strength, stability and your core. My fitness goal has been to tighten and tone, and this class does just that! Once arriving to the gym, there was lots of parking available and a warm staff to greet me. For an evening weekday class, this gym was packed! After Floyd introduced himself to me and the other regular class members settled in, we immediately began our warm-up. From calf raises to squats, push-ups on a medicine ball and light jogging within the gym, before I knew it I was sweating.

Chela Counts

Chela Counts

The hardest part of my workout was fully completing each rep, but the best part was pairing with other members in the class. For one of the partner exercises, Floyd instructed us to face our partners while completing reps of push ups, cheering one another on throughout. That motivation and Floyd’s positive energy kept me motivated to give it my all. Before arriving to the gym I was tired from the day and didn’t think I would make it through his class, but toward the end, I wished that the workout hadn’t ended.

As a first-timer to the class, I felt welcomed and re-energized to finish my week strong! I highly recommend bringing a bottle of water to replenish yourself during and after the class is complete, and I recommend this class to those of all fitness levels. I look forward to another class at UFC Gym Perimeter.

Details: Perimeter Village, 4745 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA, (404) 445-8324,

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