Day 29 of Fitness – Atlanta Personal Trainer Program of Atlanta School of Massage

Day 29 of Fitness Atlanta Personal Trainer Program of Atlanta School of Massage

 Atlanta Home Improvement staffer: Jeret Adair 

Atlanta Personal Trainer Program

Atlanta Personal Trainer Program

For Day 29 of Fitness, I arrived to Atlanta School of Massage’s Personal Trainer Program studio  at 7 a.m., and was greeted by Tony, my enthusiastic and knowledgeable personal trainer. He explained that he would be walking me through an incredibly thorough examination of my body composition, and told me to remove my shirt so that I could stand in front of the mirror with my arms to my side. Smiling, he assured me that everything was going to be fine and that it wouldn’t hurt one bit. In about one-minute he measured my height, weight, neck circumference, thigh circumference and waistline. He then measured my body fat percentage by pinching together my excess skin with calipers on certain folds of my body. All of these measurements contributed to my BMI (body mass index) which he told me was just about right for my height and age.

After the examination, Tony put me through an endurance and physical fitness assessment. This is where the tough part began.

I held an abdominal plank for as long as possible, did as many push-ups as I possibly could in one minute, and I hopped around on one foot to different corners of a mat for two minutes. From there, we then moved on to a strength assessment with weight training. We did a few warm-up sets to get comfortable, and then he recorded my one rep max of my barbell bench press and barbell squat. From there I was completely gassed, but I retreated to the great downstairs bathroom/locker room to take a much needed warm shower. I left Atlanta School of Massage’s Personal Training Program with a great reading on personal fitness and new fitness goals. Overall, this workout was wonderful

Details: 2 Dunwoody Park South, Atlanta, GA, (877) 291-4485,

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One Response to Day 29 of Fitness – Atlanta Personal Trainer Program of Atlanta School of Massage

  1. tony says:

    It was a pleasure working with you Jeret, I hope we get to work with you in the future and help you achieve all you’re fitness goals.

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