Day 29 of Fitness – Rock Climbing at Atlanta Rocks!

Day 29 of Fitness – Rock Climbing at Atlanta Rocks!

Best Self graphic designer: Miguel

For Day 29 of our 30 Days of Fitness, Best Self’s graphic designer Miguel headed to Atlanta Rocks! for a 2-hour climbing session. This indoor rock climbing gym offers more than 12,000 square feet of professionally designed climbing surface, and the price of each two-hour class includes everything you need: instruction, climbing time, shoes, harness and belay device. Here’s what Miguel had to say about the experience:

Miguel Velazquez, Cristina Villafane, Jim Wise, Diane Wise, Gabriel Paraliticci (Instructor), Joan Thomas and Pilar Osorio

Miguel Velazquez, Cristina Villafane, Jim Wise, Diane Wise, Gabriel Paraliticci (Instructor), Joan Thomas and Pilar Osorio

This is my third time indoor rock climbing but the first time at Atlanta Rocks! The instructors and friendly environment made all the difference. I took Technique 1, the class geared at new climbers who need to learn balance and climbing movements. The workout was great, and it is as physically challenging as you want to make it—I really felt it the next day. They have many options for all skill levels, and all necessary equipment is included. Gabriel Paraliticci, my instructor, was very knowledgeable and offered great technique tips. He was very friendly, and even though sometimes it was hard to mentally psych myself up to complete each climb, Gabriel helped keep me and the rest of the group motivated. I really enjoyed reaching the top of each climb and slapping the number sign of the climb. Overall, it was a great experience.

If you want to try your hand (and feet!) at rock climbing, Atlanta Rocks! has a variety of classes and climbing programs to participate in—everything from family climbs to ladies nights to discounted partner climb nights. Check out all their options here, and as soon as you can get back on the road, head to Atlanta Rocks!

Details:, 1019 Collier Rd NW, Ste A, Atlanta, GA, (404) 351-3009

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